Students at graduationWhy do we have a Monett Alumni group?

  1. Host an annual gathering planned at Homecoming time each year
  2. Keep Monett Alumni connected to each other and the school community
  3. Provide an annual scholarship to selected graduating Monett seniors

Who are Monett Alumni?

Anyone who has ever attended school in the Monett School district. Even if you did not graduate from Monett High School you are considered Monett Alumni.

How much does it cost to join the Monett Alumni group?

There is no fee to be a part of the Monett Alumni group. We collect donations each year to help provide scholarships to graduating MHS seniors.  Any additional money above the cost of hosting the Homecoming events and website will go towards the scholarship fund.

Where do our donations go?

Each year a detailed account of all income and expenses will be made available to all Monett Alumni. Most expenses will be for the annual Homecoming gathering, website hosting, and annual scholarships.

Connecting Monett Alumni with each other